You’re five. It’s time for bed after a late night of horror flicks. Through the pitch darkness in your room you hear the faintest creak against the wooden floor boards. Startled you immediately throw the sheets over your head, cowering in fear.

Was it just your imagination?
Is it just the house setting in?

Your child-like imagination runs wild.

Or is the bogeyman standing at the foot of your bed right now?

You know if you toss the sheets aside to look, you’d instantly find out. But why wouldn’t you? The sheets wouldn’t do much to improve your odds, why…

We make a multitude of decisions every day. These range from the inconsequential selections of which sneakers to wear, what to have for lunch, to the occasional life-altering choices like whether or not to take on a mortgage, to make a career switch or to migrate to a new country. No individual is an expert on every field, and as such we make the most informed decisions we can with whatever knowledge we have, and information we can get our hands on. Unfortunately, it is commonplace that expertise on decisions that carry high consequences are limited, and only a minority…

Darrell Leong, Ph.D.

Decision scientist developing advisory engines across a variety of applications.

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